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This is new to me and you arent kidding when you say instant. There is nothing out there that even comes close to Instant Revshare. I am so excited with the admin team and every tool they have given us.
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I joined IRS since few weeks ago, and it's surely mind blowing system, i get daily high quality advertising in addition with earning INSATANTALY from revenue sharing, i believe its win win opportunity. I just received my first withdraw from IRS and i think its really sustainable and long term project.
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I just joined this awesome program, and found it easy to use to get my ads running. Instant RevShare also provide anyone a way to earn revenue share from your ad packs purchased. How Cool is that...

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Louis H
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Totally in awe with Instant Revenue Shares since joining! Started out with only a few dollars and am increasing my ad shares every chance I get.
Recommend this site highly because it and the administration cares about the people and new things are being presented as we speak.
Join today as you won't regret it! See you on the inside!

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I have been on Instant Revshare for just a month and a half and I feel a huge since of accomplishment! I am definitely looking forward to the future and seeing my earnings spill!
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This is just the place i have been looking for. i can advertise my business and earn money back at the same time. it's like getting paid to make money. wow
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Hello! Received my first $31 withdraw. Thanks for this opportunity to make my income, is so simple and interesting InstantRevShare.
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This is an awesome system to get traffic and make money, at the same time. Instant RevShare is unique, neverdone before kind of revshare program. Newbies or Seasoned marketers, everybody will find something very important and can profit, it is a musthave.
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Hello ,
My name is Sekou Sanou . I am an Affiliate Marketer .
Instant RevShare has been a big opportunity for me and my business .
I purhase advertising and more .
I am gaining acces to my earning .
Instant RevShare has helped me change my financial .
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Instantrevshare is awesome. My clients love it!
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I'm member of IRS about a week ago and I'm sure this is a blessing in my life. Wonderful team with a wonderful support.
I have the greatest sponsor I could wish and even in Pre-Launch time I'm already earning, from RevShare and from my referrals! So, I only have good things to say about this. I highly recommend IRS since this is definetely not like other RevShares sites.
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Three things got me started with instantrevshare

1. it is super simple

They accept, ALL Major Credit Cards, Bitcoin,
Paypal, Payza, & Solid Trust Pay.

3. You don't have to be a large account holder to be able to Withdraw Your Profits.

Thanks for this opportunity to make a home payment for me.
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What a great place to earn with a trusted admin and instant payments! What other Rev share offers instant payments? None! I get paid to advertise my other businesses here and the traffic is very responsive. What more could I ask for!!
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i received my first $20 withdrawl today - thank you
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Hi Ted Caul here I was so glad to see Rob had a program out, Not only that it's a great rev share program but also to know that it will be ran with great integrity . I have known Rob for a few years now and he has always had good paying programs and educating us at the same time on how to be successful. We have a great one here my good people!
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I am a proud InstantRevShare affiliate, it is one of the best online business
I have had the pleasure of being involved with. With InstantRevShare, I was able to earn a living,
advertise my opportunities. meet like minded people from around the world.
And when InstantRevShare returns to full operational status, will love to continue using the excellent
traffic to continue to promote my online opportunities.
More Coming!
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I like many others have lost money with Rev Share programs.
But after reading a number of testimonials from a number of successful people I believe that we have a great business opportunity for the masses.
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I Love IRS and I use it daily. It is definitely one of the best Advertising tools I have purchased in a long time. I have 36 AdPacks that are active.

Nicholas Durham
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Jim Colbert here from StellarHits.com...

When I first seen a splashpage advertising Instant Rev Share, I personally thought, "Oh, here is another one of those sites". Truth is, I have three years of getting my money taken by rev share sites in the past, and know enough to start one on my own. Therefore, I qualify to say that I can tell a bad one from a good one. Well, I have seen a FEW good rev share sites in my time, and a WHOLE lot of bad ones. Rarely, does a rev share site come along these days that really catches my attention. Instant Rev Share is one of THOSE "rare" sites. I personally have spoken with the owners, Rob and (his better half), Tricia, and they are the real deal. They have NO intentions of taking ANYONE's money. All the want to do is put a site out here that tries to give REAL hope to those of us who have been burned by rev shares in the past. The truth is, they TOO were burned by those sites, so, they have a personal stake in this business. From a background of REAL experience in this industry, I must say, Rob and Tricia, WELL DONE! Folks, stick with this awesome pair use their advice to the best of your ability, and you too will make an income online. It does take time, but with Instant Rev Share, EVERYONE GETS PAID!!!

Jimmy Colbert, Owner/Admin
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This is the Coolest Ad - Rev Share I have ever seen!

I am a Traffic Junkie and always looking for New visitors.

Join the IRS and Earn and Share at the same time!

Thank You IRS admin for all you do!

Jeff Cohen
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Am VERY favorably impressed with Instant Rev Share! Paid for 10 Ad Packs about 4 hours ago & have earned nearly $1.00 already!
Ashley John Morrell
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I love it! There's nothing like earning while you learn!
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I think instantrevshare has a great potential to become one of the money making machine!
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I joined a few weeks ago and honestly i had my doubts about the success of this platform.
Well, i have experienced lots of clicks on my banners and text ads leading to sales !!! ) to a point that it paid for my entire initial investment an more- it's time to buy more.
This platform works like charm!
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Instant Rev Share was recommended to me by a trusted leader. I'm excited since right from the start, you can see that they are really different with their ad slider tech which will bring your ads to more people and result in more sales. That along with paying members in real time will make this rev share so unique and popular.
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Joined today. It was a easy process to sign up, to buy advertising, and the layout of the site is easy to understand. Very happy.

Richard K.
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I have tried so many programs online but not one can come close to Instant Revshare. I am glad I am a member. Kelvin
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great experiences and excitement with new pre lunch site.
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This is a business that will excite the masses. I can't wait to see where we are 3 months down the line.
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I Almost Gave Up On Rev Shares, Then I Found IRS. Within A Short Period Of 24 Hours, I See My Earnings Growing And More Importantly For Me, My Ads Getting Clicks. How Cool Is That? I Will Have No Hesitation Introducing This To My Team. - Ed O.
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